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Ketamine Infusion for Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Powerful, Effective, Safe

Available in a limited number of locations around the U.S.A., ketamine is a medicine that has been used safely as an IV anesthetic agent for decades. Children and adults have been treated with it before minor surgical and dental procedures. It has now been established in dozens of research studies that ketamine can resolve treatment resistant depression in 70 percent of cases.

Safe, Versatile Game Changer

Patients with treatment-resistant depression who once resorted to electroconvulsive therapy or a combination of many medications with sever side-effect are finding relief with ketamine infusion therapy. Those simple IVs can address infusion therapy. These simple IVs can address other psychiatric symptoms, as well, including severe anxiety.

Quick Relief

Research trials have now shown that delivering IV infusions of ketamine to those suffering with mood and anxiety conditions, including depression, can relieve their symptoms—sometimes within hours.

Further tests and studies have also shown ketamine infusions provide relief from:

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