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The Brain-Mind Institute of New England

Ketamine Infusion Therapy A Revolutionary Treatment for Mood and Anxiety Disorders

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New Technology to Treat Mood and Anxiety Disorders

You can defeat depression and achieve the optimal state of mental health that you deserve through ketamine infusion treatments at The Brain-Mind Institute of New England.

Ketamine infusions are a revolutionary and extremely promising treatment available only in very select locations around the United States.

At the Brain Mind Institute of New England, our team includes an internal medicine physician, a psychiatrist and a registered nurse. We have treated hundreds of patients successfully.

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From Our Doctors

“Ketamine is a new horizon in the treatment of depression, obsessions, compulsions, traumatic stress and chronic pain, among other symptoms. And unlike other treatments, relief can come within days, and, sometimes, within hours.”

–Keith Ablow, MD

“No one argues against the value of psychotherapy or some oral medicines to treat depression or anxiety, but when relief is needed now, ketamine infusions can be the answer.”

–Guy Navarra, MD